Dance FX offers a wide variety of dance styles.  We strive to provide classes that will appeal to every age, and every dancer.

This class is designed for student’s ages 2-5 years old.  This class takes the basics of ballet and tap techniques with the use of props and imagination, and gives the children a fun and educational class.  Children must be 2yrs old by 8/15/16 and fully toilet trained.  There is a 2yr. old combo class & a 3-5yr. old combo class.

Ballet is the foundation for all forms of dance.  This class will focus on the fundamentals of ballet.  Students will start at the barre and continue to floor exercises including center floor and across the floor combinations.

Jazz & Jazz Technique(TLC):
This class is a funky form of dance with high energy music that keeps this class moving at a quick pace.  In this class you are allowed more movement than ballet but still require the structure and discipline of ballet.  The technique class focuses on isolations, stretching, and building strength for the skills required for jazz dance, such as turns and leaps.

This is a class focusing on the rhythms of the feet.  Students will learn the fundamentals of tap steps and technique, while also learning how to keep in synchronization with a group throughout a combination of steps to upbeat music.

Have you ever dreamed of being on Broadway?  Then this is the class for you.  This is a class focusing on performance and dance.  Students will learn several styles of dance used in Broadway musicals and Hollywood movies.

This is a class that blends the elements of ballet, jazz, and modern dance, while focusing on movement and connection with the mind, body, and music to express strong emotions through the choreography.  Floor work, improvisation, and creativity are essential to this class.

This class is a style of dance that is often used in music videos.  Students will learn combinations that involve intricate and isolated movements to upbeat fun music.  This high energy class can be taught to anyone with a passion to move!