We understand that sometimes situations arise that we cannot control and may prevent us from being able to dance for a certain time period.  In the case of a medical condition which prevents a student from dancing and exists for 30 days or more, a credit will be issued toward the next semester under the following conditions: 1) a letter must be presented from a doctor stating that medical condition and the number of days a dancer is unable to participate in class; 2) a credit, determined by the number of days as indicated by the doctor, will be issued toward tuition for the subsequent semester only and cannot be carried over to subsequent semesters; and 3) dancers, if physically unable to participate in class, must continue to attend and observe their classes so they do not fall behind in the curriculum. 

If a student is sick, please do not attend class.  We do not want the dancer to end up sicker and we want to keep from spreading any illness to other dancers or instructors.